A novel by Guan Xin Ze Luan

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This translation is a personal endeavour. Translations may not be accurate as I’m an English-educated Chinese, and the author also has a bit of a bizarre sense of humor so the text doesn’t always make sense even in Chinese. I’m also not sure how long I’ll be able to sustain it as there are 179 long chapters, but let’s see how it unfolds.

Thus, be forewarned, and read at your own peril.

PS. Happy to have collaborators, especially if you read well in Chinese. I’m eager to have someone help me clear up doubts for all the translations I’m uncertain of!

PPS. I may update translations as and when I come to some post-translation revelation as the novel unfolds so if something doesn’t make sense now, come back later – it might make better sense then. Feel free to flag it out anyway.

PPPS. Also, wanted to give a callout to the Indonesian translation by theredbible here. If you read Bahasa, it’s a great translation and helps me fill in the gaps in my translation (plus she’s got a lot more translated, and Bahasa translations translate better via google translate compared to Chinese!).

Source: The Novel “星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉” by 关心则乱

  • Quick update

    Next post might take a few weeks to happen, as I’m now busy with some work projects that landed from outer space. Hope everyone’s been keeping well!

  • Chapter Three

    Female Supervisor Li looked at the hot burning embers of the charcoal, her mouth open and speechless – she began to feel that this was the rude and uncouth Fourth Young Lady she was familiar with. When she lost her temper last time, she would scold and beat the servants in this manner. But she … Continue reading Chapter Three

  • Chapter Two

    At the same time that Yu Cailing was thinking about Ning, Fu Yi and his wife were also talking about her. “The young mistress seems more energetic today. The state she was in when I first came nearly scared me to death.” After washing himself, Fu Yi lay down to rest in the comfortably warm … Continue reading Chapter Two

  • Chapter One

    The building was made of mud bricks. Long and rectangular in shape, it was divided into three equal parts. The middle section housed the main hall and dining area where people would gather, while both ends housed bedrooms. Yu Cailing stayed in the east wing in a very simple room whose yellow plastered walls were … Continue reading Chapter One

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